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Just another ocean lover's blog. I am a marine bio student at the University of Alaska and avid SeaWorld visitor. I am no photographer, but I would like to have somewhere to post my pictures for anyone who wishes to see them.
Every picture I post is my own, if you wish to use any of them for any purpose, please ask and credit me!
If you have questions feel free to ask :)

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    And again, why the heck are you following pro cap blogs if you’re going to argue every damn thing we post?
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    You don’t run an anti-captivity blog so why would pro-caps post on your photos with negative comments? They wouldn’t....
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    I don’t wanna start an argument here but pro-caps are always commenting on anti-caps posts with their opinion and...
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    Then why are you following people who reblog these? You are just looking for an argument and you’re not getting one...
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